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Umesh Pawar

( Director Of Aarambh Foundation )


World Sparrow Day

Every year 20th March is celebrated as World Sparrow Day all over the World.

These small, unpretentious birds are found in almost every corner of the World and play an important role in our Ecosystem.

But despite their importance, Sparrow’s population have been declining in recent years due to habitat loss, pesticides and other threats.

That’s why World Sparrow Day is a reminder to take action to protect these beloved birds and their habitat.

So as a responsible Citizens let’s all of us do our bit to ensure that Sparrow’s continue to thrive around us for generations to come.

This year the event is been jointly Organised by Umesh Pawar of Aarambh Foundation, Dr. Pankaj Koparde of MIT College and Mr. Mahesh Ghorpode under the able guidance of Ornithologist Shri. Kiran Purandare.

Do you remember when the last time you heard Sparrow’s chirp around your house ? Where did the bird that was easily seen 10 – 15 years ago suddenly disappeared ?


For many years Sparrow’s have evolved to co-exist with Humans, but in the last two decades the structure of cities has completely changed. As a result, the Sparrow has become almost extinct in large cities, so What is the solution to save & conserve them ?

The initial solution is to provide a small space for the Sparrow’s in your house & to provide food and shelter. The long-term solution is to increase the natural habitat of the Sparrow’s and other birds by planting native trees in your surroundings.

Aarambh Foundation has been working since 2012 for the practical implementation of these measures, so far the organization has distributed more than Ten Thousand bird saver kits. This year also, Aarambh Foundation and MIT College jointly have set a target of distributing 5000 kits on a non-profit basis.

What is in this kit ?

A Bird Feeder – Sparrow’s and other birds like to eat rice, millet, sunflower seeds, etc. With this bird feeder we are attracting Sparrow’s to their nest.

Sparrow Home – The Sparrow’s that are attracted by the Bird Feeder build their nests in this bird shelter, the best advantage of this is, it is designed in such a way that the Sparrow’s will be able to lay eggs in it by collecting all the things like sticks and twine to make their nest.

The predators can’t harm eggs or chicks & Sparrow’s can live safely.

Bird Watering Feeder – It provides drinking water facility for Sparrow’s.

Native Tree Seeds – These seeds can be transplanted at home and made into saplings by the bird lovers in their surroundings during the coming monsoon season, which will enrich the nature around us so that Sparrow’s and other birds can build their nests.

This kit will come in an attractive box package and you can gift it to your acquaintances.

What objective can be achieved by this kit distribution ?

A pair of Sparrow’s can lay four to six eggs in 40 days and give birth to chicks, while 5000 nests and 5000 trees can return more than 1,00,000 Sparrow’s to our surroundings within a year.

The aim of Aarambh Foundation is not limited to bird conservation but it is also to connect the people who are stuck in urban life with nature.

Sparrow Day will be celebrated all over the World on 20th March 2023 & we would be celebrating it at MIT College, Kothrud in Pune at 4:30 PM.

World Sparrow Day is an Environmental initiative that aims to raise awareness about the conservation of Sparrow’s and their habitat. Potential Visitors to a World Sparrow Day event may include.

Bird Lovers : People who are interested in birds and their conservation can attend this event. They may be interested in learning about the ecology, behavior and habitat of Sparrow’s.

Environmentalists : Individuals who are interested in environment conservation will be interested in learning about the efforts being made to protect Sparrow’s and their habitat.

Nature Lover’s : People who enjoy spending time in nature, such as hikers, campers, and nature photographers, may be interested in attending the event to learn more about Sparrow’s and their role in the environment.

Student’s : School’s and Universities may organize field trips to attend this event. This can be a great opportunity for students to learn about environmental issues and the importance of conservation.

Local Community Members : This event can also attract local community members who are interested in learning about conservation efforts in their area.

Landscape Architects and Interior Designers : Architects and Interior Designers can play an important role under this initiative.

Builder’s and Developer’s : In their new Residential Projects, they can play an important role by planting trees that attract local bird species.

Helping Hand : Arambh Foundation promotes conservation of Sparrow’s for which we provide a kit which includes a Shelter For Sparrow’s, a Feeder, Water Bowl and Seeds of Local Species of plants to attract local birds. So we need Amo Start is an ATG registered Organization which means an individual or organization donating to an NGO will get a 50% deduction from his / her Taxable Income.

Account Details for Donations :-


Account Number : 259422002407

Bank Name : IndusInd Bank

IFSC Code : INDB0001033 – Bavdhan

Overall, this program is for anyone who wants to learn about conservation and is interested in protecting wildlife and their habitats.

To raise awareness and to protect Sparrow’s, World Sparrow Day is observed every year on 20th of March. The first World Chimani Day was held in 2010.
This #WorldSparrowDay, let’s celebrate the ecological importance of Sparrow’s and pledge to protect and conserve this endangered bird.

Umesh Pawar
Aarambh Foundation
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