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Aarambh Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental
preservation, particularly focusing on sparrows, follows the motto “Nurturing
Nature, One Sparrow at a Time.” This brochure provides detailed instructions
on utilizing the Shelter Kit, specifically crafted for urban areas facing
sparrow population decline. 

The Descendant of Hope

Our goal is to safeguard essential natural elements crucial for daily life, impacting social, cultural, mental, and environmental well-being.

On World Sparrow Day, our mission is to raise global awareness regarding the vital need to conserve and protect sparrow populations. We are dedicated to fostering the planting of flora that attracts sparrows and local bird species, ensuring their survival and enriching their habitats. We aspire to motivate individuals, organizations, and communities to actively contribute to preserving these valuable birds and their environment for generations to come.

Donor's Testimonials

Mr. Avadhoot Pol Sr. Functional Consultant Ebixcash Technology Pvt Ltd

"Hi Umesh... Thanks for the Nest Box Kit... Right from the first month, birds have been flocking in the nest and their chirpings have been a regular welcome music in the house."

Mr. Santoh More Community Leader & Social Entrepreneur

"I have had the privilege of working with Aarambh Foundation and witnessing their passion and dedication towards the conservation of sparrows. Their work has inspired me and many others to take action for the betterment of our environment."

Mr. Sanket Nerkar Founder - Inspacco

"We have grown up seeing sparrows and now a days we don't get to see them around. Their declining population is concerning. Great to see Aarambh foundation initiatives towards educating people about the importance of conserving sparrows and their habitats. Keep it up."

Mr. Padmanabh Warade Promoter & Developer

"Thank you Umesh, beacause of you we got friends like 6 to 7 sparrows and 5/6 parrots at our home every day 🙏"

Dr. Pankaj koparde MIT college

"I really like the activities initiated by Aarambh foundation. The world sparrow day is a landmark event to create awareness regarding urban biodiversity. With rapid and unplanned urbanization we are losing precious biodiversity that provides innumerable ecosystem services and values. Sparrow Day is not earmarked for just Sparrows, but with the sparrows it's the beginning of the conservation of the entire ecosystem. Let us come together to understand the cause and mitigate it through a collective and collaborative action."

Mr. Prasad R. Ganpule Founder of LeadCon

"I have always been fascinated by the beauty of small bird species, especially sparrows. However, with the rise of urbanization, their natural habitats have been destroyed, and their population has been dwindling. That's when I came across the Aarambh Foundation's World Sparrow Day event and their innovative Nest Box kit. I was amazed by their efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for these beautiful creatures to thrive. I purchased their Nest Box kit and installed it in my backyard. Within a few days, I saw sparrows flocking to the nest and making it their home. I couldn't be happier to have contributed to the conservation of these lovely birds."

Mr. RJ Sangram Khopade Media Personality and Civic Activist

"The World Sparrow Day event provided a great platform for people from all walks of life to come together and learn about the importance of conserving our sparrow population. The various activities and discussions that took place during the event were not only informative but also extremely engaging. Thank you Aarambh Foundation for the innovative gift - the birdhouse designed specifically to support small bird species such as sparrows. This has great potential to make a significant impact on the sparrow population, especially in urban areas where they are facing a significant decline in their numbers. It is an easy and cost effective way for individuals to contribute towards the conservation of these tiny yet essential creatures. I congratulate Aarambh Foundation for organizing such a fantastic event and for their efforts in spreading awareness about the importance of conserving our sparrow population. I strongly encourage everyone to support their cause and take the necessary steps to protect these beautiful birds. Thank you."

Mr. Abhishek Gupta CEO of CRE Matrix

"Testimony for Umesh Pawar and his innovative Nest Box Kit! Umesh Pawar, the founder of Aarambh Foundation, is a true visionary. His innovative Nest Box Kit is a game-changer when it comes to conserving bird habitats and promoting sustainable living. I had the pleasure of working with Umesh and his team when I was looking for ways to attract more birds to my residence. The Nest Box Kit was exactly what I needed - it was easy to assemble, eco-friendly, and provided a safe and comfortable nesting space for a variety of bird species. I would highly recommend Aarambh Foundation to all who are passionate about conservation and sustainable living. Their Nest Box Kit is a great way to contribute to the environment while enjoying the beauty of nature at the same time."

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